Diversity and inclusion aren’t just feel-good corporate buzzwords – increasing diversity and inclusion at all levels has been proven to increase employee engagement, drive innovation and enhance organizational success. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, gender-diverse companies perform 15 percent better and ethnically-diverse companies perform 35 percent better than their less-diverse counterparts. 

But it’s no secret that many businesses find the process of diversifying their workforce overwhelming. Despite your best efforts, diversity and inclusion initiatives can fall by the wayside without a simple way to set expectations, create an accountability structure and track progress. That’s why LSInextGen is using SAP SuccessFactors solutions to help companies manage their diversity and inclusion goals across organizations, regions and hierarchy. 

Here are three steps to leveraging SAP diversity and inclusion solutions in your organization: 

Set Attainable Goals 

The first step to reaching goals is defining them. You can designate an overall goal – say, 20 percent diversity and inclusion by 2020 – as well as more specific goals based on the type of diversity (e.g. women, Hispanic, African American), the number of jobs, and the level (e.g. manager, director, VP). SAP diversity and inclusion solutions can also be customized to manage initiatives such as HR diversity, supplier diversity and sustainability. 

Assign Responsibility 

Once diversity goals are defined in the SAP SuccessFactors Goals Library, they are assigned to an HR head, who delegates them to regional managers. Regional managers can further assign goals to the heads of various departments. By including each department in meeting diversity targets, you ensure that diversity and inclusion extend throughout the organization. You’ll also have a clear view of who should be held accountable for reaching or failing to reach those goals. 

Attract, Train and Promote 

With your goals and accountability structure clearly in place, you can focus on recruiting and training diverse talent. SAP diversity and inclusion solutions help you identify and mentor both internal and external candidates. You can even track recruitment efforts for students graduating from historically diverse colleges and universities. Aids such as Learning Management Systems and training and employee development tools help you measure and grow their capabilities. 

LSInextGen’s SAP diversity and inclusion program helps businesses set and reach goals for a stronger, more innovative and more resilient workforce. Are you ready to make progress toward your diversity and inclusion initiatives? Contact us now to learn more.