The pursuit of a modern SAP intelligent enterprise aligns distractions alongside opportunities in a labyrinth that can overwhelm business leaders. When faced with that level of complex change management, the key to success is designing a clear route toward your outcomes and then taking small steps until your organization begins to grasp and embrace the digital revolution. For LSInextgen, the first step was clear. Our underpinning dedication to diversity proved the best place for our company to start its journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

Even before we turned our attention toward the SAP intelligent enterprise, we benefited from diversity in our business. Having varied points of view within our team has expanded our horizons, layering context and creativity over solutions and interactions with customers. Now, as we evolve our business, we’ve discovered that our human diversity offers fresh insights at the “people” level that inform the next steps of our transformation: determining how we can use innovative technology to improve and enhance our solution set, our partnerships, and our delivery platforms. Simply put, having a diverse team has made us more receptive to new concepts and helped accelerate our progress.

You may wonder what motivated me to embark on this complicated journey to a new business model. To me, the intelligent enterprise is defined by the capacity to leverage data and knowledge to drive seamless interactions between people, processes, and platforms – creating efficient, agile companies delivering exceptional customer experience to complete the circle.

Imagine if business intelligence solutions empowered your team to deliver innovative, impactful services to your partners using enablement tools that worked when, how, and where they were needed – providing business outcomes that inspired the same agility within your partners’ companies. That outcome seemed well worth the risk of transforming to a new type of company. Leveraging the intelligence found in our everyday operations, then applying a fresh, diverse way of thinking is revolutionizing the way we do business.

But how did we achieve that? We evaluated each step of our business – from our vision to our customers’ needs to our budget. With diversity serving as our cornerstone, we invested time in research and understanding patterns – good and bad – throughout our systems and workflows. Then, we leveraged that data to move our business toward a more integrated approach, each decision informed by the goals of our customers with the outcome of optimized day-to-day operations.

Rather than upending our investments in technology, we focused on better utilizing our digital assets to improve engagement and productivity within our team, driving faster, more efficient business outcomes that delivered greater value to our customers. Along the way, we were staggered at what our team could imagine as possible, exploring innovative and diverse ideas at each step.

Repositioning your company as an intelligent enterprise can be overwhelming. My advice is to conquer the task through three phases: planning and exploring creative options; architecting your digital business; then testing and execution. At each step, I recommend an honest evaluation of the status quo and a thoughtful risk approach to new investments. Don’t forget to celebrate the incremental successes that come within a larger transformation plan. Last, don’t fear failure – but don’t dwell on those miscalculations. Instead, learn from your mistakes and lean forward into the next idea.

Evolving into an SAP intelligent enterprise is a marathon, guided by the vision for your company, your people, and your value to your customers. With that knowledge directing your transformation, you’ll find priorities clarified and more easily achieved. When true digital transformation is realized, the fluid connection between your team, your partners, your solutions, and truly valuable business outcomes provided to your customers drives unparalleled maturity and profitability.