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Checklist: Do You Need a Project Management Solution? 

Project management (PM) software plays a critical role in the successful implementation of a new solution or task resolution. In fact, a study by Hive found that 77 percent of high-performing projects use project management software. So, if projects are more successful using PM software, why aren’t more companies using it?

The answers are as unique as each company, with one of the top responses being that there is a general misunderstanding of how project management impacts your services. But, how do you know if a project management software solution is truly right for your business?

Start with the questions below, checking off any you can say YES to:

Do you have visibility on each step of a product or process deployment? 

Do you have a way to tell who is responsible for each task? 

Can you organize your tasks into projects to eliminate chaos and confusion? 

Can you easily track time spent on a project for accurate billing? 

Can your team see which deadlines are approaching and prioritize their workload? 

Can your team collaborate and share information in a single location? 

Do your team members know their timeline before they begin a project? 

Can you or your team quickly identify gaps in your deliverables? 

Can you identify projects holds and quickly determine why they occur? 

Do you have a way to generate reports based on the completed projects? 

How many did you check off? The answer will determine how immediate your need is for a project management solution.

0-3: You need a project management software solution ASAP. You’re likely losing valuable time, money and resources on projects that you don’t quite have a handle on. You’re missing deadlines and struggling to get the entire team on board with process changes. By adopting a PM solution, you’ll gain visibility and control over your projects and deployments – helping you keep on schedule and budget.

4-7: You have a handle on some things, but you’re likely losing valuable visibility when it comes to where projects are being held up or how your team’s time is being spent. Don’t let a deployment come to a screeching halt because your teams don’t communicate about when a task has been completed and when another task should begin. A PM solution will help your team stay on the same page and work towards a common goal – total project euphoria.

8-10: You have a handle on most things, but do you have a comprehensive solution that lets you assign tasks, track time, create project reports and manage timelines all in one place? A PM solution makes it easier to monitor and manage your team and work together across different departments. Cut out the costs of adopting multiple software programs when a single solution can help you streamline and optimize your business.

To learn more about project management software, which solution is right for your business and how we can help, contact LSInextGen today.

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Leveraging SAP Diversity & Inclusion Solutions for a Stronger Organization

Diversity and inclusion aren’t just feel-good corporate buzzwords – increasing diversity and inclusion at all levels has been proven to increase employee engagement, drive innovation and enhance organizational success. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, gender-diverse companies perform 15 percent better and ethnically-diverse companies perform 35 percent better than their less-diverse counterparts. 

But it’s no secret that many businesses find the process of diversifying their workforce overwhelming. Despite your best efforts, diversity and inclusion initiatives can fall by the wayside without a simple way to set expectations, create an accountability structure and track progress. That’s why LSInextGen is using SAP SuccessFactors solutions to help companies manage their diversity and inclusion goals across organizations, regions and hierarchy. 

Here are three steps to leveraging SAP diversity and inclusion solutions in your organization: 

Set Attainable Goals 

The first step to reaching goals is defining them. You can designate an overall goal – say, 20 percent diversity and inclusion by 2020 – as well as more specific goals based on the type of diversity (e.g. women, Hispanic, African American), the number of jobs, and the level (e.g. manager, director, VP). SAP diversity and inclusion solutions can also be customized to manage initiatives such as HR diversity, supplier diversity and sustainability. 

Assign Responsibility 

Once diversity goals are defined in the SAP SuccessFactors Goals Library, they are assigned to an HR head, who delegates them to regional managers. Regional managers can further assign goals to the heads of various departments. By including each department in meeting diversity targets, you ensure that diversity and inclusion extend throughout the organization. You’ll also have a clear view of who should be held accountable for reaching or failing to reach those goals. 

Attract, Train and Promote 

With your goals and accountability structure clearly in place, you can focus on recruiting and training diverse talent. SAP diversity and inclusion solutions help you identify and mentor both internal and external candidates. You can even track recruitment efforts for students graduating from historically diverse colleges and universities. Aids such as Learning Management Systems and training and employee development tools help you measure and grow their capabilities. 

LSInextGen’s SAP diversity and inclusion program helps businesses set and reach goals for a stronger, more innovative and more resilient workforce. Are you ready to make progress toward your diversity and inclusion initiatives? Contact us now to learn more.



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Identifying the Right SAP Solutions Partner

SAP Partner

Streamlining productivity and improving processes is an extensive journey and – without the right partner at your side – can be full of distractions. You need someone who not only helps you overcome obstacles but acts as your guide to business growth. 

SAP offers top-of-the-line technology solutions designed to make your journey easier, but knowing which solutions you need and having the right resource to deploy them can make all the difference for the success of your implementation. That’s why identifying the right SAP solutions partner for the job should be one of your first steps.  

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before signing any contracts: 

What’s your budget? 

Simply by partnering with the right business, you can experience significant savings on the solutions you need to propel your business forward. Monthly payments are flexible, but annual payments save you more money on average. That’s because most companies bundle multiple services when you purchase an annual plan – giving you more for less. 

SAP provides two different tiers of partnerships – Silver and Gold. By affiliating with an SAP Silver or Gold Partner, you can receive SAP solutions for a lower price because these businesses leverage long-standing business relationships to win you deals and help you avoid solutions that won’t actually resolve your roadblocks. 

How involved do you need your partner to be?   

You’re an expert when it comes to your business, but how well can you navigate uncharted waters? A reliable SAP solutions partner leads you through every step of the implementation process – from the first consultation meeting to post-project deployment.   

That’s because a reliable partner knows your success is directly related to how closely your process is monitored. They sit down and listen to your goals and needs, then create a strategy that leverages the latest technology to help you meet and exceed your objectives. But their involvement doesn’t end there. They meet with you quarterly and annually to establish the next steps for your business.  

Is diversity important when choosing a partner? 

Sometimes you can become so focused on a problem that you overlook the different ways to overcome it. By adding diversity to your partnerships, you’ll gain opportunities for new and improved ways of resolving your toughest challenges. 

With a minority business enterprise value-added reseller, you can rest assure you’re not only getting the best-of-the-best professionals, but you’ll leverage a variety of ideas positioned to boost your business success. A diverse group of professionals bring different backgrounds and expertise to your growth strategy and use that experience to drive fresh ideas for your business challenges. 

As an SAP Gold Partner, LSInextGen can help you leverage real-time data to enhance your analytics and streamline your processes. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses in all industries enhance their infrastructure through the power of SAP. Plus, we’re the only minority business enterprise value-added reseller in North America. For more information on how LSInextGen can boost your business, contact us today.